Eva: MDP remains unrivaled in the political arena

North Galolhu MP Eva Abdulla (C) pictured during a rally held by MDP. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Muzayyin Nazim)

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) lawmaker, Eva Abdulla has declared that that the MDP remains unrivaled in the Maldivian political arena.

MDP continues to campaign for the upcoming parliamentary elections with the introduction of its legislative agenda - Agenda 19 – made up of nine major legislatures which the party hopes to pass by winning majority at the Parliament.

In an interview on RaajjeTV’s show, Fala Surhee, last Wednesday night, Eva said that MDP had been the only political party which had been fully prepared to effectively campaign for the parliamentary elections, and the only party which conducts organized political activities.

She said MDP was unrivaled as it approaches the elections.

"We went from door to door, traveled from island to island. We met with the constituents and based our policies on their concerns. MDP’s national council, MDP’s candidates and all of us sat down for discussions, workshops, compiled policies and drafted legislature before facing the people”, said Eva, who is up for re-election for a third term at the Parliament.

Eva repeated that MDP was the only party to run organized political activities, and that all other political parties do was criticize MDP.

“MDP is unrivaled in Maldivian political arena. Only MDP runs organized political activities,” she said.

MDP, which is contesting for 86 seats at the Parliament, selected its candidate through a primary for 77 constituencies. No primary was held for the remaining nine constituencies as only one candidate from MDP had applied for the constituencies – providing them with automatic qualification.

Four of MDP’s members who competed in the MDP Primary have since defected from the party and are contesting the elections as independent candidates siting the Primary was rigged.

The new Parliament will have 87 seats. MDP is competing for all seats except for the Nilandhoo seat.