Elderly man who fell to death from 6th floor apartment identified as Dr. Didi’s father

G. Dhathuge, Buruzumage, Male' City. (Photo/Sun/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

The 97-year-old man who fell to his death from a sixth-floor apartment in Male’ City this Monday morning has been identified as the father of former Minister of Fisheries Dr. Ibrahim Didi (Dr. Didi).

Dr. Didi’s father, Abdulla Naheef from Bahaaree Villa in S. Hulhudhoo fell to his death from the sixth floor of G. Dhathuge at approximately 4 am this Monday.

 The building is located in Buruzumagu of Male’ City and also houses Dr. Didi’s dental clinic.

Maldives Police Service reports he was already dead when taken to the Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Didi has announced news of his father’s death via Twitter.