Toddler from Gadhdhoo who sustained burns to be transported to Male’ City

Three-year-old boy from G. Dh. Gadhdhoo sustains extensive burn injuries on March 2, 2019. (Photo/Social Media)

The family of the three-year-old boy from G. Dh. Gadhdhoo who sustained burn injuries last Saturday has announced the decision to transport him to Male’ City for further treatment.

The toddler sustained extensive burn injuries after spilling hot tea on himself attempted to climb the kitchen table.

He was rushed to the Gadhdhdoo Health Center at approximately 8:30 am, which didn’t have the medicine in stock to treat his injuries.

Neither the health center nor the STO pharmacy on the island had the necessary medicine, and he was transported to the Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital of G. Dh. Thinadhoo at approximately 11 am.

A family member, this Sunday, reported the condition of the toddler was improving, but that the family was making arrangements to take his to Male’ City for further treatment.

“The condition of the child is improving. But the medical treatment is inadequate. The family has decided to take him to Male’ City,” said the family member.

He said the high-demand for flight tickets meant they weren’t able to obtain tickets to fly out to Male’ City this Sunday.

He said they got the tickets for Monday, but were ready to fly out this Sunday if tickets became available.

The simple household accident has served to shed light on the lack of adequate medical facilities and shortage of medicine and staff experienced by less-populated islands in the atolls.

The family is unhappy a three-year-old had to wait for hours at a health facility without proper treatment.

Aminath Sheeza, who is in charge of running Gadhdhoo Health Center, reports the center was able to provide only basic health care to the toddler.

She said the issue of shortage of medicine has been brought to the attention of relevant State authorities on multiple occasions, as well as to the personal attention of Vice President Faisal Naseem during his recent visit to the island.