Police begin destroying 166 impounded vehicles

Maldives Police Service destroys impounded vehicles. (Photo/Maldives Police Service)

Maldives Police Service has begun destroying 108 motorcycles and 58 cars impounded by the agency for illegal parking.

MPS reports the 166 vehicles were impounded under Land Transport Act for illegal parking.

The agency reports some of the vehicles have already been destroyed, while the rest are being transported to K. Thilafushi for destruction.

Owners of illegally parked vehicles which are impounded by MPS are given three months to claim the vehicle. Information on vehicles which are unclaimed within the three months are released via a public announcement. And Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation has the authority to either auction-off or destroy the vehicles which go unclaimed within the duration stated in the announcement.

MPS reports the decision to destroy the vehicles was taken after completing all the procedures.