Young men from Innamaadhoo discover ambergris during fishing excursion

Two lumps of a substance believed to be ambergris discovered by a group of young men from R. Innamaadhoo on February 10, 2019. (Sun Photo)

Four young men from R. Innamaadhoo have reported the discovery of two lumps of ambergris during a fishing excursion this Sunday morning.

One of the young men reported to ‘Sun’ that he and three other young men from Innamaadhoo were engaged in pole-and-line fishing for mackerel tuna (locally known as latti) when they discovered the first lump of ambergris.

They brought it to shore, resumed fishing and discovered another block of ambergris minutes apart.

“One looks to weight approximately 200 grams and the other approximately 300 grams. Senior citizens of the island confirm its ambergris. They say its ‘hudhan baru’ [local name for a particularly valuable type of ambergris],” said the young man.

He reports the men plan on donating proceeds from the sale of ambergris to fund construction of a mosque planned at the island.