President: Judicial reform imperative for peace and stability

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Reform of the Maldivian courts and judges is imperative for the peace and stability of Maldives, says President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Speaking during his first address to the Parliament, this Thursday morning, Solih said the judiciary needed immediate reform to ensure Maldivian citizens their rights and establish justice in Maldives.

“To guarantee the rights of the people, and assure them that justice and freedom will prevail, reforming the judiciary is one of, if not the most, important and pressing issues to be addressed. The courts and judges must take the road to reform if we are to see any peace and stability in this country,” said Solih.

Solih said that he discovered when he assumed power that there wasn’t a single state institution free from corruption, exacerbated by inaction.

“It is apparent that at the time of my inauguration, there was not a single state organ free from the endemic corruption that maligned our nation. There was not one state organ in this country that had not endured varying degrees of deceit and embezzlement,” said Solih. “The country fell into this lamentable situation not because of an absence of anti-corruption laws and regulations but because of inaction. Institutions with investigating and prosecuting cases of corruption carried on as if the status quo was the norm.”