4,000 additional housing units to be built in Hulhumale’

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. (File Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced plans to build 4,000 additional housing units under the social housing scheme in Hulhumale’.

Speaking during his address to the Parliament following the inauguration of the legislative body for the year 2019, Solih announced the administration plans of initiating construction of 4,000 housing units in Hulhumale’ for residents of the populous Male’ City this year.

Solih said the administration is currently conducting a Housing Need Assessment for an equitable and solid solution to the lack of proper housing, following which the administration will formulate and implement an overarching national policy on housing targeting the entire Maldives.

He announced that the administration was making preparations to open the bidding process for construction of an initial 550 new housing units.

“In addition to that, the construction of more than 1500 units of housing that had been halted has reconvened,” said Solih.

During his address, Solih criticized the the Hiyaa Housing Scheme initiated by the previous administration.

“The “Hiya” project of the previous Government is problematic in itself and rife with serious challenges, involving those that were presented certificates of receipt while many who scored much higher points did not qualify,” said Solih.

He also pledged to settle issued with other housing projects by previous administrations including the Gulhifalhu project.

“God willing, construction works of extra 4000 housing units in Hulhumale’, for residents of Male’ will convene this year,” said Solih.

He said the administration was in the process of drafting two bills on housing and shelter; the Tenancy Act – which outlines regulations by which housing and apartments may be given for rent, and the Condominium Act – which outlines regulations on sale of condominiums.

Solih also announced the administration planned on consolidating all social housing projects run in Maldives by establishing the National Housing Corporation.

He said the new corporation will enable the Maldivian people to obtain affordable housing at a significantly lower rent than previously offered.