Ramps to replace the 1,000 pallets removed from streets of Male’ City

Ramp under installation in front of Sonee Hardware in Janavaree Magu, Male' City. (Sun Photo/Najah Masood)

Male’ City Council has made the decision to replace the more than 1,000 pallets removed from streets of Male’ City with ramps.

The city council launched its operation with the Maldives Police Service to remove the pallets from the streets of Male’ City on Saturday, following widespread complaints over lack of parking space for vehicles and danger to pedestrians from rotted and damages pallets.

Council member, Hussain Shareef reported to ‘Sun’ that the city council passed the decision last Saturday night to install ramps alongside each pavement, dependent on its length.

“We decided to install ramps on both sides of the street, depending on the width of each street. And for particularly lengthy streets, ramps will be installed in the middle (along the pavement) as well,” said Hussain Shareef.

“We will make the modifications depending on the street. There may be a long road, but one with a garage. We will take all this into consideration during survey before making the changes,” said he said.

Hussain Shareef said the ramps will be built by the city council, after review of requests by those who wish to install ramps in front of their residences or businesses.

He said that city council will first remove the cobblestones from the area, pour sand to heighten the area to the level of the pavement before installing the ramps.

He said that an example of such a ramp is being installed in front of Sonee Hardware in Janavaree Magu.

Installation of ramps will begin this week, said Hussain Shareef.