Council starts removing pallets causing a ‘public nuisance’

Male' City Council and Maldives Police Service removes pallets on the streets of Male' City on January 12, 2019. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Male’ City Council has started removing pallets on the streets of Male’ City following complaints of it posing a nuisance to the general population.

Council member Hussain Shareef reported to ‘Sun’ the city council, in collaboration with the Maldives Police Service, started removing the pallets this Saturday morning.

Shareef said the council had received multiple complaints the pallets posed a public nuisance, and sometimes resulted in injuries to pedestrians.

A pallet lays in front of a convenience store in Male' City on January 12, 2019. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

“The only ones we won’t remove are the ones in front of clinics, garages, and areas with no pavements – for example if residents of a certain house don’t have a pavement at the entrance,” said Shareef.

Shareef noted that pallets were banned from the streets of Male’ City under the current regulations, but said a special regulation will be established via which clinics, garages and similar places will be issued permission to use pallets.

He said that some of the complaints submitted to the council included cases of bruises and cuts resulting from people stepping on rotted or damaged pallets.