Crackdown on taxis suspended

A taxi heads from Hulhumale' to Male' City. (File Photo/Sun)

Authorities have suspended the program it launched last Sunday to monitor and penalize taxis which overcharge clients for transport over the Sina-Male’ Bridge.

An official from the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation who spoke to ‘Sun’ said taxi service centers reached out to the ministry with their concerns over the official rates this Monday. And that the ministry has made the decision to revise the official rates.

“Some 40 or so taxi drivers met with the minister today. They raised the concern that the rates established by the Transport Authority were too low. That they cannot provide their services for the rates. And in light of the concerns, the minister made the decision to revise the rates. And to suspend the current program to monitor taxis,” said the official.

The official said the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation will hold a public forum to listen to concerns by both the public and local taxi service operators before revising the taxi rates.

“The drivers said the rates were previously set without any prior discussion with them. The new rates will be determined after taking their concerns into consideration. So that it poses no problem to either the public or taxi drivers,” said the official.


  • Within Male’ City: MVR 25
  • Within Hulhumale’: MVR 25
  • Male’ City to Hulhumale’: MVR 40
  • Hulhumale’ to Male’ City: MVR 40
  • Male’ City to Hulhule’: MVR 35
  • Hulhumale’ to Hulhule’: MVR 35

Taxis can also charge an extra MVR 5 for use of the trunk, and extra MVR 5 for services after midnight.

Despite the set rates, taxis charge MVR 100 for trips over the bridge and highway.