Parliamentary Elections on April 6

President of Elections Commission, Ahmed Shareef. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Elections Commission has announced the Parliamentary Elections 2019 will be held on April 6.

The date was announced by President of EC, Ahmed Shareef, during a press conference this Sunday morning.

Speaking during the press conference, Shareef said the though EC has decided on the election date, it has yet to finalize the date application will be opened for the elections.

Shareef, however, said the commission has decided on January 28 as a tentative date to open application.

The 17th term of the Parliament will come to an end in May, 2019. The next, 18th term of the Parliament will have 87 parliamentarians with the two new electoral districts.

Shareef said that voters, this time, will need to reregister only if they will be residing at a different location from where they were registered for the presidential elections last September.

He said that additions have been made to the reregistration form to avoid issues which arose during reregistration for the presidential elections.

If the person who submits the reregistration form is not the actual voter who is reregistering, the person will need to sign a declaration making him/her liable if the form is proven to be fraudulent.