Dr. Jameel attacks press, says JP Cabinet ministers singled out for criticism

Former Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed pictured during a JP gathering on October 28, 2018. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Former Vice President Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has expressed unhappiness over Jumhoory Party (JP) members of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s Cabinet being allegedly singled out for criticism.

It a tweet this Wednesday, Dr. Jameel described public criticism of several Cabinet ministers as a movement to weaken the government coalition and accused private television channel RaajjeTV of promoting the “irresponsible actions”.

The Cabinet has 19 ministers, five of whom belong to JP. They are:

  • Minister of Tourism, Al Waheed
  • Minister of Environment, Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan
  • Minister of Health, Abdulla Ameen
  • Minister of Communication, Science and Technology, Mohamed Maleeh Jamal
  • Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Aishath Nahula

“RaajjeTV has now started promoting the irresponsible actions by a group to weaken President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s government. Certain members of the Cabinet being singled out is an attempt to divide the coalition. Is there nothing to say about other ministers?” wrote Dr. Jameel in his tweet.

The statement by Dr. Jameel has been criticized as an attempt to undermine freedom of speech and freedom of expression as well as media rights.

Several appointments by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to his Cabinet has been criticized by the public.

Questions have been raised about conflict of interest, conflict of business interests, and capability of several Cabinet choices.