PPM does not belong to anyone in particular: Maumoon

Former President, and former DRP Honorary Leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, who was elected the interim president of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) last night, has said that the party does not belong to any individual in particular.

Speaking at the conclusion of the inaugural ceremony held last night, and stretched for six hours, Maumoon said that the party does not initiate to promote anyone’s political agenda. He said that he would be doing everything possible to strengthen the party and its development. He added that he hoped that all members at the Atolls would give their never-ending cooperation to the party. In his speech, Maumoon also added that PPM is for each and every Maldivian and that the party was been formed to work for the sake of the nation and the religion of Islam. Maumoon was elected as the interim president by the 971 members who were present at the Inaugural Convention held at Dharubaaruge last night.

Since last night meeting was attended by officials of the Elections Commission and monitored the meeting as required by the Regulation on Political Parties, the meeting which was to start at 8.30pm was delayed and was started at 10.15pm.

Former Speaker of the People’s Majlis Ahmed Zahir was elected as the Chairman of the Meeting. Altogether 971 members of the party participated. The Meeting passed Magenta as its color with 603 votes and a logo depicting a crescent and palm tree was passed with 751 votes. The PPM Charter with 88 chapters was passed with 803 votes and the PPM Manifesto was passed with 722 votes. Maumoon and Nasreena did not vote for the color and logo.

The party elected Mohamed Hussein 'Mundu' Shareef, Aishath Azima Shakoor, Mohamed Waheed Ibrahim, Ahmed Farish Maumoon, Aneesa Ahmed, Maz Ahmed Saleem, Ibrahim Nazim, Rashida Yousuf, Aishath Shiham, Ahmed Siddiq, Dr Abdu Samad Abdulla, Mohamed Nimal, Asma Rasheed, Ibrahim Muaz Ali, Ahmed Naseem and Umar Naseer interim council tasked to officially represent the party.

The 11 Parliamentary Group members elected to the interim council include Abdulla Yamin, Ahmed Mahloof, Mohamed Mujthaz, Ali Arif, Abdul Muhsin Hameed, Ilham Ahmed, Ahmed ‘Red Wave’ Saleem and Dr Afrasheem Ali. Abdulla Yamin was elected as the PPM’s Parliamentary Group Leader.