Chinese President Xi to send envoy for Ibu’s inauguration

Chinese Minister of Culture and Tourism, Luo Shugang. (File Photo/Bozo Radic/CROPIX)

Chinese President Xi Jinping has made the decision to send one of his Cabinet ministers as a special envoy to attend the inauguration of Maldivian President-elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu).

Speaking at a press conference last Tuesday, the Spokesperson at Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hua Chunying announced the Chinese Minister of Culture and Tourism, Luo Shugang will attend Solih’s inauguration as a special envoy of Xi.

Luo Shugang is scheduled to arrive in Maldives this Thursday, and will leave on November 19, two days after the inauguration.

Meanwhile, the Indian Prime Minitser Narendra Modi is scheduled to make a half-day trip to attend Solih’s inauguration on November 17.

Outgoing President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s presidency saw a strengthening of ties between Maldives and China over the traditional strong bilateral ties between Maldives and India.

The decision by MP Modi to attend Solih’s inauguration is seen as a sign of possible reconciliation between Maldives and China during Solih’s presidency.

Solih’s inauguration will be held at the national football stadium located in Galolhu district of the capital, Male’ City.

The high-level foreign delegates expected to attend the inauguration makes it a high-security affair.