MET: This is monsoon rain, will continue for three days

Stromy day near Male' City. (Sun file photo/Mohamed Afrah)

National Meteorological Service has said that the current rain across the country is that of the south-west monsoon and is expected to continue for the next three days. 

A statement issued by the MET office today said that the most rain in the past 24 hours has been in Meemu atoll Muli with 65 millimeters of rain. 

The MET Office said that rain is expected across the country for the next three days with winds from south and south-west between 13-25 miles per hour and up to 45 miles per hour during showers. 

The southern atolls may experience sea swells during high tide according to the MET Office. 

Sea travelers have been advised caution as heavy rain and strong winds are expected across the country.