Muizzu: 40+ can apply for flats

Inside the second phase of the Hulhumale' Development Project. (Photo/HDC)

Housing Minister, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has refuted the rumors by declaring that people over the age of 40 are eligible for flats under the state housing project, Hiyaa.

Taking to Twitter today, Dr. Muizzu said that the rumors going around that people over the age of 40 cannot apply for flats are false. The Housing Minister said that people over the age of 40 can apply under any category apart from those set aside for the youth. 

Yesterday, Minister Muizzu said that 6,747 forms have been submitted applying for flats under the Hiyaa Project.

7,000 housing units will be developed to house 100,000 under the Hiyaa Project in Phase II of Hulhumale’.


  • 1,000 flats for Married people between the age of 18-40.
  • 1,000 flats for Male' City residents not on the city residency list.
  • 1,044 flats for Male' City residents on the city residency list.
  • 1,000 flats for Civil Servants.
  • 475 flats for Doctors and Nurses.
  • 625 flats for Teachers.
  • 500 flats for Single Parents.
  • 200 flats for people and families with disabilities.
  • 300 flats for Police Officers.
  • 300 flats for Military personnel.
  • 256 flats for poor families in western Maafannu ward in Male' City.
  • 300 flats for those who paid for but did not get a flat in Gulhifalhu and those who got the flat and could not pay for TATA flats.