JP Leader duties to Hussain Rasheed

Deputy Leader of Jumhoory Party, Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan. (Sun Photo/Mohmed Afrah)

Deputy Leader of the Jumhoory Party, Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan has been given the responsibilities of the Party Leader. 

Spokesperson of the Jumhoory Party, Ali Solih told Sun Media that Deputy Leader Hussain Rasheed was given the responsibilities of the Party Leader at a Council meeting last night. He said that the recommendation to give the Leader responsibilities to the long-time party member came from the Jumhoory Party Council Member Ahmed Rameez. 

Solih said that the recomendation was most supported by the Party Leader, Qasim Ibrahim's wife, the Council Member who got elected with the most votes, Aishath Nahula. 

The decision was made with 36 votes from the 37 members at the Council meeting. 

With four Deputy Leaders at Jumhoory Party, the Jumhoory Party Conference held last weekend decided that the Deputy Leader to carry the duties of the Party Leader will be selected by the Council of the Party.

The other Deputy Leaders at the party are Abdulla Ameen, a former Minister under the presidency of Abdulla Yameen, Ameen Ibrahim and the former State Minister at the Home Ministry, Mohamed Fayaz.