Broadcasting Commission fines illegal re-broadcasters in Thoddoo

Inside the ceremony to appoint members to the Broadcasting Commission. (Photo/President's Office)

Maldives Broadcasting Commission has fined Bright Club and Sosun Club who were illegally rebroadcasting in Alifu Alifu Thoddoo. 

After an investigation, the Broadcasting Commission said that both clubs are providing cable tv service without a license and rebroadcasting illegally. 

Bright Club was fined with MVR 112,000 for rebroadcasting 28 channels without a licensed and rebroadcasting 28 channels without the rights to do so. 

Sosun Club was fined for MVR 50,000 for rebroadcasting without the rights from 25 channels and MVR 50,000 for rebroadcasting 25 channels without a license. 

The fines were set for both clubs as MVR 2,000 for every illegally rebroadcasting channel. They have been ordered to pay the fine in full to the Broadcasting Commission in the next 30 days. 

The Commission said that both clubs were given an opportunity to respond by did not offer any response.