Nasheed decides not run in the Presidential Election

Former President Mohamed Nasheed (Sun file photo)

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has decided not to run in the Presidential Election this September. 

Before taking to the Twitter this morning with the announcement, Nasheed said that his decision to leave the MDP ticket with the joint parliamentary group. 

In his tweet, the former President said that due to concerns that MDP may not have a candidate for the Presidential Election that is accepted by the Elections Commission and he would follow through with relinquishing the MDP primary ticket at the 3rd MDP Congress set for tomorrow at Alifu Alifu Ukulhas. 

Following President Nasheed's decision, the former Chair of the Parliament and current MP for North Henveiru constituency, Abdulla Shaahid, nominated the Leader of the MDP Parliamentary Group, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for the MDP ticket to the Presidential Election. 

Ex-President Nasheed, who was sentenced to 13 years in prison for the illegal arrest of the Chief Judge of the Criminal Court, Abdulla Mohamed, won the MDP primaries at the MDP primary last month. 

However being sentenced to prison precludes him from running for the President. 

Last week, an amendment was presented to the parliament that would people with citizenship with other countries to wait ten years after they leave their citizenship before they can run in a Presidential Election. The Parliament Committee for Independent Institute has reviewed and added that those who are in asylum in other countries also need to wait ten years after their return before they can run in an election.