Sheikh Imran transferred to house arrest

President of the Adhaalath Party, Sheikh Imran Abdulla in the custody of the Maldives Correctional Service. (Sun file photo/Mohamed Afrah)

Maldives Correctional Service has confirmed to Sun Media that the President of the Adhaalath Party, Sheikh Imran Abdulla has been transferred to house arrest. 

Information Officer of the Correctional Service, Ahmed Lugman, said that Sheikh Imran was transferred to house arrest today close to dusk for some repairs to be made at his cell in prison. However, he did not say how long the repairs would take or for how long the Adhaalath Party President will be in house arrest. 

Sheikh Imran was sentenced to 12 years in prison for inflammatory speech inciting violence at the May Day rally in 2015. He was last transferred to house arrest when his first son was born, on 21 September 2017.

A month after that, he was transferred to Maafushi Prison.