MET: Sea swells expected in some islands

Sea swells in Makunudhoo during the torrential rains last month - Photo: Makunudhoo Island Council

Maldives Meteorological Service has said that sea swells during the high tide are expected at some islands during the ongoing torrential rain across parts of the country. 

A statement issued by the MET Office today said that heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected across the country in the hours between 10 a.m. this morning to 10 a.m. tomorrow. 

Within this duration, winds in the central atolls are expected to be between 13-23 mph from west and southwest and between 5-15 mph in other atolls. Winds are expected to rise to 45 mph during showers. 

And sea swells are expected during the peak high tides. 

Seas in the central atolls are expected to be generally rough and moderately clam in other parts of the country except during showers. 

The MET Office also advised that those traveling by sea vigilant of the weather.