ACP Mannan fired from police force

Ex-Assistant Commissioner of Police Abdul Mannan Yoosuf (L) with President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom (R). (File Photo/Sun)

Assistant Commissioner of Police Abdul Mannan Yoosuf, a key suspect in the investigation into attempt to enforce the February 1 Supreme Court order, has been terminated from the police force.

The decision to terminate Mannan from the police force was made during the Police Disciplinary Board meeting last Monday.

Mannan is close to the former Commissioner of Police Ahmed Areef, who has been charged with terrorism for attempt to stage an illegal coup.

“Sun” has been informed Mannan had his powers stripped away in the events following the Supreme Court order on February 1, before he was suspended.

“Sun” has also been informed Mannan played a key role in the attempt to enforce the February 1 court order, which has been declared an illegal coup attempt by incumbent President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s administration.

He is suspected of involvement in the attempt to transport police officers stationed in atolls to Male’ City to ensure the successful enforcement of the court order, and involvement in the planning process to enforce the court order.

He has also been implicated in previous conspiracies against the current administration.

Mannan was also previously investigated for suspected involvement separate cases, including the government housing units issued to Maldives Police Service.

A number of police officers have been fired from the Maldives Police Service for suspected involvement in the coup attempt.