Deadline for ‘Hiyaa’ housing forms set for July 31

Function held to celebrate allocation of social housing units in Hulhumale' for a previous housing project. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Afrah)

The deadline for submission of forms for the government’s mass housing project ‘Hiyaa’ is July 31, says Minister of Housing and Infrastructure, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

Muizzu said Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure will begin accepting forms for the ‘Hiyaa’ housing units on June 3.

The announcement was made by Minister Muizzu during a press conference held on the ‘Hiyaa’ project this Sunday morning.

Muizzu said the ministry will begin issuing forms at 2 pm, this Sunday, and continue until July 31.

Application forms for the ‘Hiyaa’ housing units will be available from the Rannabandeyri Maalan at Dharubaaruge, and online.

Information on the categories of housing units and application forms for the housing units will be available from Rannabandeyri Maalan from 9 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 11 pm.

Muizzu said housing units will be issued in 17 categories. The housing units are one-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom apartments.

The minister said that each applicant will be allowed to apply for housing units from just one category.

7,000 housing units will be developed at Phase II of Hulhumale’ Development Project under the ‘Hiyaa’ housing project. The government announced earlier that 1,000 of the units will be allocated for civil servants.


  • Married couples between ages of 18-40 years (1,000 housing units)
  • Citizens of Male’ City unregistered at Male’ Dhafthar (1,000 housing units)
  • Registered at Male’ Municipality Dhafthar (1,044 housing units)
  • Medical doctors and nurses (475 housing units)
  • Teachers (625 housing units)
  • Single parents (500 housing units)
  • People with disabilities and families with a person with a disability (200 housing units)
  • Police officers (300 housing units)
  • Military officers (300 housing units)
  • Poor families living in West Maafannu district of Male’ City (256 housing units)
  • Those who paid for, but were not allocated housing units a K. Gulhi Falhu during former President Mohamed Nasheed’s administration, and those who won the Tata housing units at Arabiyya and Gaakoshi but are not able to finance payment for the housing units (300 housing units)

Muizzu added that those who applied for housing units allocated for civil servants have the opportunity to cancel their application and re-apply for a category under the new project.

He said the housing units for young couples enjoying their first marriage will be applicable only to couples married between November 11, 2013 to July, 2018. And housing units for single parents will be applicable only to people whose divorce is finalized by April, 2018 at the latest.

Muizzu said the procedure for taking tokens to submit application forms, and the rent amount for the housing units will be announced at a later date. He said the ministry is trying to arrange for applicants to be able to submit their forms without having to wait in a queue.