Entire Villingili Council suspended

Gaafu Alifu Villingili Island Council suspended by the LGA

The entire Gaafu Alifu Villingili Island Council has been suspended. 

The Local Government Authority (LGA) individually suspended the President of the Council, Mohamed Musthafa, Vice President, Mazeedh Abdulla, Councilor Habeeb Hassan, Councilor Mohamed Iqbaal Fikuree and Councilor Lugmaan Naeem. 

Sources say that the suspension came in relation to the statement released by the council calling to implement the Supreme Court ruling passed on 1 February. The five councilors were suspended without pay for one month starting tomorrow. 

The letter sent to the Villingili Council by the LGA said that the councilors are banned from the Council aside for service as an individual and not to use the Council resources. 

The LGA decided that starting tomorrow, the Villingili Council will be managed by Shzuma Mohamed. 

A number of Villingili Councilors were previously suspended as well for calling to implement the Supreme Court ruling.