Police: Unclear individuals in threatening video actual officers

It’s unclear the individuals in police uniform who voiced against actions by the Maldives Police Service in a threatening video are actual police officers, says Maldives Police Service.

Police Spokesperson, Superintendent of Police Ahmed Shifan said last Wednesday night that the viral YouTube video is under investigation.

“We have been unable to confirm individuals in the video were police officers from the investigation so far. Additional information will be disclosed as the investigation progresses,” said Shifan.

The viral video which shows individuals wearing police uniform and balaclavas was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday. The individuals in the video said police officers were being jailed and tortured by fellow police officers and that the police were being forced to obey orders by a certain party. The video said the Maldives Police Service has been turned into a bastion of the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM).

“We are keeping a close watch. What we have to say to our superiors is, we have tolerated the criminal acts you instigate by using us, and your illegal commands for too long. We took a stand on February 7 for the sake of this institution. We will take a stand for the sake of this institution again. We will take a stand in defense of the Constitution,” said the video.