Anti-Defection bill passed causing 12 MPs to lose their seats

Inside the parliament sitting on 19 February 2018 - Photo: Parliament

Parliament has passed the Anti-Defection bill presented in such away that the 12 MPs who were declared to have lost their parliamentarian seat by the Elections Commission would have that decision come into effect. 

The bill was passed with the changes made to the bill by the committee with the 36 votes from the 38 MPs present at the sitting. So far it is unclear which MPs did not take part in the vote. Opposition MPs were not in attendance. 

Anti-Defection bill was passed after an amendment to make sure the bill takes effect after 13 July 2017 - after the Elections Commission notified the Parliament that 12 MPs have lost their parliamentarian seat. When the bill was initially brought to the parliament floor, the bill said that it would take effect when it is ratified. 

PPM said that the passing the bill would confirm that 12 MPs would lose their parliamentarian seat. 

The 12 MPs who loses the seat area the MP for South Mahchangolhi constituency, Abdulla Sinaan, MP for Dhangethi constituency, Il'ham Ahmed, MP for Thinadhoo constituency, Abdulla Ahmed, MP for Villingili constituency, Saud Hussain, MP for Thulusdhoo constituency, Mohamed Waheed Ibrahim, MP for Maduvvari constituency, Mohamed Ameeth, MP for Dhihdhoo constituency, Abdul Latheef Mohamed, MP for North Thinadhoo constituency, Sadullah Hilmee, MP for Hanimaadhoo constituency, Hussain Shahudhee, MP for Ihavandhoo constituency, Mohamed Abdulla (Muhanmaa), MP for Thimarafushi constituency, Mohamed Mustafa and the MP for Fuvahmulah constituency Ali Shaah. 

According to the Anti-Defection bill, MPs would lose their seat if they leave or get dismissed from the political party on which they get elected to the parliament. But they would not lose their seat for violating a whip-line or disciplinary action from the party. 

Independent MPs would not lose their seat by joining a political party. 

The bill was presented to the parliament by the Majority Leader, MP for Vilimale' constituency, Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik.