Regulation made to rent Carnival area

Carnival stage - Sun photo

A regulation to rent the Carnival area in Male' City has been published on the state gazette. 

The announcement published on the gazette today said that the areas for rent at the Carnival area are the stage, the open area connected to the stage and the backstage rooms and halls. 

An application must be submitted at the Housing Ministry, three days prior to the event to rent from the Carnival. 

Although no exact prices were mentioned, a 15 percent of the rent has to be paid in advance according to the gazette announcement. And another 15 percent of the rent has to be paid if the event is cancelled with less than 36 event to the event. 

The regulation says that if any activity that is against the law or the Islamic faith during the event, the Ministry will intervene, stop the event and clear out the space. And even if the space is cleared out in such a situation, the rent amount will not be refunded. 

Violation of the regulation is subject to a fine between MVR 500 - 2,000.