Majlis to hold a special meeting on Monday

The People’s Majlis is scheduled to hold a special meeting coming Monday.

The People’s Majlis Secretariat reports the meeting will begin at 9 am.

The Majlis Secretariat has not disclosed any details regarding the meeting. And stated only that the agenda will be disclosed to MPs after it is uploaded to the Secretariat’s website.

The announcement for a special Majlis meeting comes as the 15-day State of Emergency draws to a close. The State of Emergency was invoked on February 5, and will end on Tuesday, February 20.

The opening of the Majlis for the year 2018, scheduled for February 5, was cancelled for security reasons amid the political turmoil.

It’s likely Monday’s special meeting is to make a decision regarding the State of Emergency.

The Constitution calls for the reason for the invocation of a State of Emergency to be submitted to the Majlis within 48 hours. And if a State of Emergency is invoked before the Majlis session begins, then a meeting must be scheduled and a decision made within 14 days.

The declaration of a State of Emergency must be backed by the Majlis. The Majlis has the authority to cancel the decree, and grant any extension to the period.