State of Emergency declared

A State of Emergency has been declared in the Maldives.

The State of Emergency was declared for the next 15 days withholding some of the constitutional rights which are:

- Freedom of public gathering and protest

- Judicial administration

- Warrantless arrests

- Warrantless seize and search including property

- Releasing of suspects

- Fast investigations and trials

- Civil suits

- Legal appeal

- Official summoning

- Impeachment of President or Vice President

- No confidence votes against cabinet ministers

- Supreme Court rulings against the Presidnet

- Supreme Court's right to the final decision

- Impeachment of the Prosecutor General

Laws invalid in a State of Emergency:

- Article 12 and 14 of the Law of Judges

- The Penal Code

- Benefits for Judges and prior notification of pending actions against judges

Article 257-A of the Constitution states that the resolution for the State of Emergency has to be submitted at the parliament within 48 hours of the declaration.

If there is doubt regarding the resolution to declare a State of Emergency, in part or in full, Article 258 of the Constitution states that the Supreme Court will make the decision.