USD 50 mn tourist hotel to be built in S. Gan

Addu International Airport (AIA) - which runs the Gan International Airport in S. Gan, has announced that they were holding discussions to build a tourist hotel on the island.

Development and Marketing Manager of AIA, Fathmath Zubna spoke to “Sun” and said that it was estimated the project would cost USD 50 million.

Zubna said that AIA was currently working on developing the concept design and making financial arrangements to fund the project.

She said that the company was working to complete the arrangements within the next three months and announce for a contractor to undertake the project.

Zubna said the company hoped to start the construction of the hotel within the first quarter of 2017.

Zubna said that the three or four-star hotel would have about 250 rooms, and would be available for transit passengers.

She said that the biggest purpose of building the tourist report was to increase bed-capacity in S. Atoll (Addu City) and to increase arrivals at Gan International Airport.

AIA is owned by the Maldivian government, Kasa Holdings, State Trading Organization (STO) and Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL).

Multiple projects are in progress to upgrade Gan International Airport – including the expansion of runway – which will open up the airport to receive Boing 777, Airbus 330, and Airbus 340 planes.

The airport currently accommodates A 320, B 757 and A 321 planes.

Gan International Airport will also start providing cargo holding services once it is upgraded.

Meanwhile, Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) has been contracted to establish a seaplane base on Gan. The company has said that it will finish the project and start services within three month’s time.