A fire has started on a boat at the Maradhoo harbor

A fire has started on a boat at Maradhoo Harbor in Addu City.

Police Media Official told Sun Media that the fire was reported to the Police around 12:40 a.m. tonight and the Police and MNDF are trying to control the fire.

A man speaking from Maradhoo said that the fire was controlled in about 20 minutes with the combined efforts of the Police, MNDF, the people of the island and people working on boats in the area.

The boat has been damaged beyond use in the incident. A man at the island said that according to witnesses, something like a gas canister exploded on the boat before the fire.

“People who saw the fire are saying that before the fire started, the sound of something like a gas canister exploding was heard from the boat. So it’s likely that the fire started when something exploded on the boat. Don’t think this is something someone did on purpose.” The man speaking from Maradhoo said.