President urges not to provide opportunities to spread religion other than Islam in Maldives

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom has urged the people not give any opportunity to anyone to spread religion other than Islam in Maldives.

In an address publicized on Thursday evening by President Yameen on the occasion of the anniversary of the Maldives’ adherence to Islam, President Yameen advised the people of Maldives to think about influences from outside which are against Islam and efforts being done to weaken the faith Maldivians have in Islam and not to provide any chance to spread any other religion except Islam in Maldives.

According to President, while raising awareness on religious issues and performing religious obligations have to be considered, putting effort in increasing love and respect towards Islam in children and youths is a responsibility of all concerned authorities.

President has urged all the concerned authorities to conduct awareness programs on religious issues targeting for all age groups.

President Yameen has said that the greatest and the biggest gift given by Allah (SWT) is maintaining Maldives as a 100 percent Muslim country, and it is a national and religious obligation for all Maldivians to have faith and stick in the principles of Islam.

President has acknowledged the people; especially Maulana Al Hafeez Abul Barakath Yousuf Al Barbaree, who were involved in bringing Islamic enlightenment to Maldives.