Five people stated dead by JP have been found alive: EC Vice President Fayaz

Elections Commission (EC) has said today that their review of the list of names provided by Jumhoory Party (JP), claiming to be a list of deceased individuals included in the electoral register, has proven that five of the listed individuals are still alive.

JP has also submitted the alleged list of deceased individuals to court.

Speaking to the press today, EC Vice President Ahmed Fayaz Hassan said that they have determined that eight people from Jumhoory Party’s list have cast ballots, and that they have also determined that five out of the eight people, are still alive.

“From the list they gave us as deceased people, eight voted. A total of eight have voted, and we have found five of the eight. We have found five people alive,” Fayaz said.

He said that the Commission is certain that the remaining three people are also alive.

“Eight people voted, from the dead people’s list they gave us. We have found five of the eight. The other three are also alive, it seems. We have not yet been able to find them,” Fayaz said.

Fayaz had told the press on Tuesday that they had rejected a list provided by the Department of National Registration before the polling day, because it listed a number of people who are still alive, as deceased.

“For example, they give us a list, [stating that] these 1,200 people are dead. If we deduct these 1,200 people without reviewing, an extra 400 people will come to vote,” Fayaz said.

Commission Member Ali Mohamed Manik said that the Department of National Registration had told them that they are not required to keep track of the people who pass away, and that they are only mandated to produce National Identification Cards.