Police has abruptly stopped providing security: Drug Court

Drug Court has said that the Police has abruptly stopped providing security to the court.

They said that Police started providing the court with security on November last year and had abruptly terminated their service on the 20th of this month. They said that the court had to repeatedly request for security, on 15th of April at first, 19th of June then and on the 13th of November last year, before it was first provided with security.

The court said that the police have not informed them of a reason for the cessation of the service. Article 95 of the Courts Act states that the security of the courts is the responsibility of the state security forces. The court said the lack of security is a worrying and that they have now brought the issue to the attention of the Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz Hussain.

Police Media Official Hassan Haneef said today that they have not stopped providing security for the Drug Court, but has changed the manner in which they do it. They said that earlier, security was provided by placing police officers at the court and that now, the security is provided by the officers who patrol the city.

Police also said that they will place officers at the court if they find that it is necessary after carrying out a threat assessment of the court.