Maldivian pilgrims return after completing Hajj

Maldivian pilgrims return back after completing Hajj pilgrimage -- Photo/ Ministry of Islamic Affairs

Maldivian pilgrims have started to return home after completing this year's Hajj pilgrimage.

A total of 1,150 pilgrims from the Maldives attended Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia this year. Maldives Hajj Corporation arranged the trip for all local pilgrims this year.

One local pilgrim, Fathimath Hafeeza, aged 80 years from R. Hulhudhuffaaru, passed away in Saudi Arabia while she was performing the pilgrimage.

Ministry of Islamic Affairs on Monday confirmed the first batch of 296 local pilgrims returned to Maldives around 13:50hrs.

Pilgrims will be returning home in four batches, with second batch scheduled to arrive this Friday. Two more batches are scheduled to arrive on July 01st and 04th.

Meanwhile, Health Protection Agency (HPA) has cautioned the public about potential surge in vector-borne diseases, which the returning pilgrims may be carrying.