Addu Mayor confident of garment factory's success

Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar --

Addu City's Mayor Ali Nizar expressed confidence the planned garment factory in the city will be a success enhancing the local economy.

While speaking in a PSM aired program, Nizar said he believes a garment factory in the Maldives can be operated successfully. He also noted a previous garment factory run in the city, but added the new establishment will operate differently from the previous venture.

Finding skilled labors for the work is chief among the challenges, highlighted the mayor, but said the factory will pave way for new job opportunities for the locals bringing a long-term positive growth to the local economy.

He highlighted high in-demand clothing and apparels for the Maldivian consumers as well.

"... for instance the garments and clothes resorts and guesthouses require, such as bed sheets, towels, and items that require consistent imports since they need to be regularly renewed," the Mayor said.

The mayor stressed the factory's operations, while still limited to just the southernmost city, could cater to the nationwide demand without significant hindrances.

He noted regional countries manufactured famous brands that are exported to Europe.

The previous garment factory, run at Gan was operated by Sri Lankan firms.

Business Center Corporation (BCC), which is tasked with developing the new factory, previously said the project is aligned with President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's vision of providing commercially viable avenues for small to medium enterprises in constraint economic segments, granting them the chance expand.

BCC believes the factory will enhance growth of local tailors into becoming larger commercial ventures.