Police ACP express concern on release of over 400 inmates

Assistant Commissioner of Police Ahmed Shifan -- Sun Photo/ Ahmed Avshan

Assistant Commissioner of Maldives Police Service Ahmed Shifan, while highlighting the alarming rise of theft cases, expressed concern over the release of 434 inmates.

Cases of theft and robbery have spiked at significant rate more recently.

The ACP on X, said Maldives Correctional Service released 434 inmates 10 months earlier, and while stressing the initiatives run by law enforcement authorities failed to produce significantly positive results, said the society was facing potential danger.

He further highlighted the current obstacles due the investments made into infrastructure projects without proper law enforcement-related planning.

Besides theft and robbery, drug trafficking and peddling activities have been increasing at an alarming rate as well. There have been several instances of breaking and entering into consumer outlets like shops and pharmacies for robbery as well.

A shop in Male' City Maafannu district was vandalized and robbed in the early hours of Wednesday. Police said they received report of the incident around 03:45hrs on early Wednesday morning.

The owner of the outlet reports north of MVR 40,000 in loss and damages to the shop.

Police later confirmed recovering the stolen items, but did not specify about making any arrests.

Police statistics confirm 1,680 theft cases and 235 more robbery cases have been reported so far in 2024; with the authority consistently making efforts to curtail these activities.