Male’ shop robbed and vandalized; damages placed at MVR 400,000

A police officer on the streets of Male' City. (Sun Photo/Muzayyin Nazim)

‘Sorry Boys’, a shop located in Maafannu district of Male’ City was robbed and vandalized in the early hours of Wednesday.

Police, in a message to the media, said they received a report of the shop’s windows being broken at approximately 3:45am Wednesday morning.

Speaking with Sun, the owner of the shop placed the cost that will be incurred to replace the broken windows and repair other damages at approximately MVR 400,000.

The owner further said goods worth MVR 40,000 were stolen from the shop, adding some of items have been recovered as of present. According to the owner, the recovered items were those that had fallen to the road in the course of the robbery.

Police also confirmed the recovery of some stolen items.

It was noted by the owner that no cash was stolen during the robbery.

“Nothing else was even looked at, there is money here as well. The drawers were not touched. There are also other items such as perfume; they all remained untouched,” the owner added.

Henceforth, the owner attributed the robbery and the vandalism to a personal attack.

‘Sorry Boys’, located in front of Majeedhee Magu Nalahiya sells undergarments for females.

The robbery and vandalism are under investigation by the Police.