MTCC temporary halts ferry service for Hulhumeedhoo-Hithadhoo route

An RTL high-speed ferry. (Photo/MTCC)

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) states they have temporarily halted RTL ferry service for Addu City’s Hulhumeedhoo-Hithadhoo route as of yesterday.

In an announcement on Monday, MTCC attributed the halt of ferry service for the route to a technical issue. The company added that ferry service will be resumed as soon as the issue is resolved.

With the halt of service, the 7:00am ferry from Hulhumeedhoo to Hithadhoo and the 7:30am ferry from Hithadhoo to Hulhumeedhoo have been canceled.

MTCC has apologized for any inconvenience the cancellations of these ferries may cause customers.

MTCC also announced the preponement of the cargo ferry (C609) trips scheduled for Sunday between Hulhumeedhoo-Feydhoo-Fuvahmulah to Thursday, as Eid al-Adha falls on Sunday.

The company will also be halting boat ferry services provided within atolls. However, MTCC noted that boat ferry and RTL ferry services will be available at Zone 6 islands without interruption during Eid. 

MVR 110 is charged for travel between Hulhumeedhoo, which is separate from the linked islands of Addu City, and the other islands. A large number of Hulhumeedhoo residents travel to Hithadhoo to seek healthcare services unavailable at Hulhumeedhoo Health Centre from Equatorial Hospital. The high fare while many residents require to travel to Hithadhoo for healthcare and other islands for various purposes has been of great concern to Hulhumeedhoo residents.