Health Ministry probe KRH negligence case

Blood injected into the hands of the baby from bent cannula during blood transfusion --

Ministry of Health has begun investigating the case of Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital (KRH)'s alleged negligence in treating an eight-month-old baby positive for dengue fever.

Speaking with 'Sun', the Ministry of Health said it has launched a probe into the case, and said it cannot divulge additional information on the issue at the moment.

The incident, which reportedly took place on Monday last week, surfaced via social media on Wednesday.

A family member shared details of the incident with 'Sun', and said the parents first sought medical care for the baby on May 12th, when they were prescribed medicine and tol to return if there is no improvement in the baby's condition.

The parents reconsulted after the baby's condition deteriorated and began vomiting. The family member added, that the doctor had concluded the baby had viral fever and discharged them home.

The member detailed that medical care was sought for the baby approximately five times from May 12th to Sunday, despite which no tests were done. The parents returned to the hospital on Monday morning after the baby's condition deteriorated even further.

The baby tested positive for dengue, and requested for a transfer to Male'. But as per the family member, the parents were told that the hospital could only decide on the transfer following a second set of tests.

The test results were shared with the parents around 19:00hrs on Monday evening, indicating a decline in the baby's platelet and blood count.

The family then hurried to transfer the baby to Male', and arrangements were made to transfer the baby via air ambulance to Male' on 00:30hrs early Tuesday morning.

As per the family member, the baby received blood transfusion during this period, and the mother noticed the baby was swollen.

The family member added that the mother had only noticed the site where a cannula was inserted into the baby was swollen due to the cannula moving, when she got on the hospital's elevator with the baby to go to the airport. Blood had been injected into the baby's muscles because the cannula got bent.

"When they checked before the baby was taken, they would have known it had happened to the baby's hand" the family member added.

The baby is currently being treated at Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), in Male' City, which has told the family that the baby would need to undergo surgery for the hands if the site where blood had been injected into the muscles, does not heal.

The family later reported that the baby's condition has improved.