PNC pushes forming parliament housing committee

Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Dhangethi MP Ahmed Nazim -- Photo/ Parliament

The Deputy Speaker of the parliament, Dhiggaru MP Ahmed Nazim on Tuesday evening said that the ruling People's National Congress (PNC) is considering to push for the formation of a parliamentary committee on housing.

Speaking on PSM News program 'Raajje Miadhu', Nazim said that some of the housing mandates are currently under the purview of other parliamentary committees.

He further said that the new committee was not introduced at Tuesday's sitting owing to lack of time to fix mandates to the standing committees.

Nazim said he believes the new committee can be established by amending the parliament's standing orders through General Purpose Committee.

"By amending the standing orders through the General Purpose Committee, we expect the new committee will be established before June end," Nazim commented.

The General Purpose Committee was tasked with amending the standing orders at Tuesday's sitting.

However, committee members and chairs were not appointed at the sitting, which is scheduled for Sunday next week, according to PNC parliamentary group leader, Inguraidhoo MP Ibrahim Falah.

Nazim further said prevailing housing concerns will be properly addressed by establishing a designated committee for housing.

Currently, housing mandates are under the Committee on National Development and Heritage. The committee had under its purview, reviewed cases related to Hiyaa housing flats during the 19th assembly.

Earlier, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu promised a comprehensive solution on housing issues, and said that right after the national security matters, he prioritized resolving housing concerns.

Previously, President Muizzu raised concerns stating that housing issues were endorsed during the 19th parliamentary assembly which had an MDP-majority.

He highlighted the now ended 19th assembly's decision to reduce the budgetary preposition for Ras Male' project submitted by Muizzu as well.