Mayor suggests naming Male' Street linked to Palestine

Male' City Mayor Adam Azim --

Male' City Mayor Adam Azim on Thursday, has suggested to give a Palestine-inspired name to one of the unnamed roads in Male' City.

At the 146th official general meeting of the council's fourth term, Azim highlighted the importance of Palestine to the Maldivian people.

He proposed to give a name inspired from Palestine to one out of the two currently unnamed roads in the city, and inquired from the councilors about their opinion.

Almost all the members agreed to the mayor's suggestion with North-Galolhu councilor Mohamed Saif Fathih stating it was a good decision.

"All across the world, the people reminisces and values the things that are important to them," Saif added.

He also highlighted that it was the most opportune moment to further signify the solidarity of the Maldivian people to the cause of Palestine's liberation.

Azim noted he will reveal the name and the road later, adding the renamed road will be opened officially with a ceremony.

The public has shared their opinion on social media as well, with some suggesting to rename Majeedhee Magu to reflect Palestine's identity.

PPM's council member Saeeda Rashad was the only member to oppose the suggestion at Thursday's meeting.