Police assists delivering textbooks to atolls

Maldives Police Service extends their support in delivering academic textbooks to the atolls ahead of the academic new year -- Photo/ Maldives Police Service

Maldives Police Service has begun assisting in the efforts to deliver academic textbooks to the atolls.

The authority's assistance came after the Ministry of Education made a request from Police to provide logistical support amid the current weather conditions, including heavy rain and rough seas.

Earlier, the ministry had said it would receive assistance from the police and the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) in its efforts to deliver textbooks to the islands before the academic year began.

The new academic year is scheduled to begin on Sunday next week.

Meanwhile, the Maldives is currently experiencing southwest monsoon's weather conditions, which has worsened in the recent weeks with heavy rainfall, strong winds and sea swells.