Additional points to be awarded to individuals caring for parents in housing schemes

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu chairs a cabinet meeting on February 11, 2024. (Photo/President's Office)

The cabinet has decided to award additional points to individuals who live with or care for senior citizens in upcoming housing schemes of the current administration.

The decision of the cabinet was revealed by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu during a function held to inaugurate ‘Israhvehinge Naadhee’, a facility for senior citizens.

It had been decision taken during Sunday’s cabinet meeting following deliberations on a paper submitted by the Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Development, proposing to allocate additional points to individuals who live with or care for senior citizens to pave the way for families to reside together.

During the cabinet meeting held on March 17th, 2024 -- Photo/ President's Office

Further decisions made during Sunday’s cabinet meeting included bringing amendments to laws and regulations to protect and ensure the rights of senior citizens and the establishment of a ‘Israhveihenge Hiyaavahi’ in Addu City, aimed at providing quality services to nurture an environment where senior citizens in need of care, due to lack of family support, can spend the rest of their lives happy and content.

Prior to this, President Muizzu has remarked that his administration will incept a policy to allow senior citizens, living alone, to apply for flats and social housing under various housing schemes initiated by the government.

In this trajectory, the government has submitted a social housing bill to the parliament which seeks to prioritize housing opportunities for persons with disabilities, senior citizens and people suffering from serious long-term illnesses.