Two fined for failing to wear helmet on bridge

Two who were fined over failure to wear helmet on Sinamale' Bridge.

Two people have been fined for failing to wear helmets while crossing Sinamale’ Bridge on a motorbike.

A video of the two youths speeding away on Sinamale’ Bridge had gone viral on social media. As per the individual who posted the video, said the incident took place at dusk on Thursday.

The poster said the youths were traveling from Male’ to Hulhumale’, adding they had assaulted a member of the public who reminded them to wear helmets after spotting them on the bridge.

Police Spokesperson Ahmed Shifan, on Friday, said both individuals have been fined over the incident. He appealed to cooperation from all members of the public in ensuring road safety. 

It is mandatory to wear helmet on Sinamale' bridge, if traveling on a motorbike.