3 cases of stealing reported on Thursday alone

Maldives Police Service confirmed receiving reports of three robberies in Greater Male' Area; one that included robbery of 10 gas cylinders from a docked vessel -- Sun Photo/ Mohamed Muzayyin Nazim

Three cases of robbery, inclusive of stealing 10 gas cylinders from a docked boat, have been reported from Male' City.

Maldives Police Service shared with local media, they received a report of 10 gas cylinders stolen from a boat docked at north harbor some time around 08:46hrs.

In another case, the authorities also received report of stolen goods from 'New Line' garments shop in Henveiru around 07:45hrs on Thursday, and around 08:30hrs a pharmacy on the same road reported of stolen items as well.

Despite three cases of robbery reported, local authorities have yet to make any official arrested in them.

Police further confirmed they were investigating all three of these cases.

Stealing and robbery are rampant offenses in Greater Male' Area, that have been surging more recently.