Quality assurance system in place before new fish markets complete

The current fresh fish market will be relocated to the venue where the dried fish market is currently operated -- Sun Photo/ Ahmed Avshan Ilyas

Male' City Mayor Adam Azim on Tuesday evening, has assured the new fish markets in development in the city will feature a quality assurance system for the fish on sale.

Azim made the remarks while speaking on SSTV's "Adhuge Safhaa" program.

He noted the current fresh fish market is not at an ideal location, and added the market needs to be relocated to dried fish market's venue.

The dried fish market in turn, will be shifted to two different locations, he added. As per plans, the market will be relocated to the empty plots in front of the High Court and Lily Store.

The mayor further said they plan to establish a system to check the quality of the fish sold to consumers.

"It is important to ensure the quality of the fish, whether it is sold in Male', Vilimale', or Hulhumale'," Azim commented.

He highlighted that the consumers are not certain of the quality of the fish they purchase and consume. He also added that the roads near the current market have become dirty due fish grime, dropped when they are carried to the market.

"The condition of the current market is such that it does not provide a shelter from rain, and neither is the environment pleasant for those working there. So, the aim is to develop a more pleasant market in Male', along with Vilimale' and Hulhumale'," Azim added.

Speaking at the program, Azim noted Maldivian's hygienic lifestyle, and added the new markets will be established with safety and cleanliness of the vendors and customers in mind.

With the new markets scheduled for completion in 18 months, Azim also stressed the importance of stationing Male' City Council personnel for quality assurance purposes.

"We believe that in country's like Japan, they check for the quality before fish are sold. We also know that they run quality checks during fish purchases and when they are weighed by fish processing vessels. So, we need to train qualified personnel to check the fish quality in these venues," the mayor said.

Modernization of the fish market is a key campaign pledge of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu. During his presidential campaign, Dr. Muizzu revealed the new market will be a four-story establishment.