President's Office appoint Heena as new spokesperson

Campaign Spokesperson of PNC Heena Waleed; she has been appointed as the new Chief Spokesperson of the President's Office -- Sun Photo/ Moosa Nadheem

Chief Executive Officer of NSPA, Heena Waleed has been appointed as the new President's Office Spokesperson on Tuesday.

The office said Heena Waleed, the new Chief Spokesperson appointed by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, will retain her CEO post at NSPA.

Additionally, President's Office confirmed Heena's official duties at the Chief Spokesperson is a non-salaried position.

The office also highlighted this is the first instance where woman has been appointed as the President's Office Chief Spokesperson.

Previously, she was the Political Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and served a long tenure in broadcast journalism and as a TV presenter.

She was also the Head of News at the state-run Public Service Media.

A graduate in mass communication journalism and advertisement, Heena previously filled PPM's spokesperson position and expanded her portfolio serving as the chief spokesperson of the ruling PNC during Sunday's parliamentary election.

The office has officially appointed a Spokesperson after a lengthy void, which had drawn public concern as well.

Following Dr. Muizzu's ascension to presidency on November 17th, he appointed Mohamed Shaheeb as the President's Office Spokesperson on December 13th, 2023.

However, Shaheeb was removed from the position on January 01st, and transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The government however, never commented on president's decision to shift Shaheeb.