Waheed decides to compete in the presidential elections

President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik’s party GaumeeItthihaad has said that the president will compete in the presidential elections scheduled to be held this year.

Speaking to Sun Online, Vice President of GaumeeIthihaadNazaki Mohamed Zaki said that the president had announced his decision to compete in the elections while addressing some of the party members during a meeting held in Laamu atoll last week.

“Current president, our leader, will compete in the 2013 elections,” Zaki said.

He said that the president has not yet decided how, or with whom he will join for the elections, and said that the president will share this information with the media soon.

The president was elected as the vice president to the MDP government during the 2008 elections and had come to presidency when President Nasheed resigned amidstserious political turbulence.