Heena: Nilandhoo Airport being developed as it was pledged, not because it is sister's constituency

Heena Waleed speaks at a press conference by PNC’s parliamentary election campaign team on April 15, 2024.

Ruling PNC’s parliamentary campaign spokesperson Heena Waleed states the development of an international airport is being undertaken at F. Nilandhoo because it was pledged by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu and not because his younger sister, Fathimath Saudha is contesting for the constituency.

F. Magoodhoo residents have previously protested claiming the airport development project at the island had been halted and subsequently shifted to Nilandhoo.

During a press conference by PNC’s parliamentary election campaign team on Monday, a journalist inquired whether an airport was being developed at Nilandhoo because the President’s younger sister was contesting for the constituency.

“The President will pledge to fulfill requests made by residents during his visits to the islands and honor them. That is without consideration to whether the constituency is the President’s younger sister’s or any another constituency,” Heena said.

Heena noted that the President’s electoral pledges during his campaign had been released in the form of a book, adding the pledges he had made, will therewith, be viewed by anyone.

In response, the journalist, underscoring the President made three pledges to Nilandhoo, noted that additional pledges were made in conjunction with the campaign for the parliamentary election which includes the development of a hospital, an international airport, a city hotel and a sewerage system.

“The president has the full discretion to fulfill requests made by the people,” Heena remarked subsequently.

MTCC was contracted to reclaim 42.6 hectares of land for the development of Nilandhoo Airport on March 27th. The project was contracted to be completed within 390 days.